ubuntu 10.10 折腾控制台 | struggling with console in ubuntu 10.10

新买了电脑,装ubuntu 10.10, 安装的时候控制台很完美,漂亮的1366x768,启动时还有漂亮的splash
grub配了几次无果,于是继续回到安装时的live cd,进去以后研究了一下,并没有用vesafb,另外就是发现用的是开源驱动radeon。
用hwinfo --framebuffer看,我的显卡vbe并不支持1366x768,但是live cd确实搞出来了,我猜是radeon和kms的原因,具体不懂了。


I've installed ubuntu 10.10 in my newly bought notebook, the console was perfect during installation, that was the wonderful 1366x768, as well as the beautiful splash.
I think everything was still ok just after installation, until now, I see just a blank screen, or some ugly 1024x768.
What I've done, that maybe relative, are just some tweak on grub2, and installing fglrx.
After failure in adjustment of grub2 for several times, I reboot with the live cd, and I found that vesafb is not used, and radeon is activated as the video driver.
`hwinfo --framebuffer` indicates that the vbe of my graphic card does not support 1366x768, however I did see that with live cd. I guess all of this should thanks to radeon and kms, while I've no idea about details.
So I just removed fglrx and rebooted.
Then come back my lovely splash and 1366x768 console.

By the way, the gnome tetris works quite well with radeon, but not fglrx.
Wish a better radeon driver soon. fglrx is just too bad.

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