VirtualBox 在副屏上全屏显示 | Show VirtualBox in fullscreen on a secondary screen

链接: http://tipstank.com/2010/06/04/virtualbox-full-screen-second-monitor/

全屏后点下方自动隐藏菜单的View -> Virtual Screen 1 -> Use Host Screen 2

Link: http://tipstank.com/2010/06/04/virtualbox-full-screen-second-monitor/

Turn on fullscreen mode, in the auto-hide menu at the bottom, follow View -> Virtual Screen 1 -> Use Host Screen 2


杂记 | Misc Notes

1. fontregister: Windows 下没有管理员权限时安装字体的小工具
2. 在Windows下Putty用Linux字体时可能需要选上Cleartype选项
3. x11vnc: 可以在终端开一个vnc server连接到一个已有的X会话上去
4. pomodoro: 工作25分钟,休息5分钟。一个有趣的工作模式
5. network-manager的共享网络模式(shared to other computers)似乎变的好用了(以前我这完全不能用)
6. Firefox添加书签时没有“在边栏显示”的选项,但是去书签管理看属性还是有的。

1. fontregister: a tool that allows you to register new fonts in Windows without admin privilege.
2. In putty on Windows, you may need to choose the "Cleartype" option when using Linux fonts
3. x11vnc: to create a vnc server that connects to a existing X session
4. pomodoro: work for 25 minutes, then rest for 5 minutes. A good way of time managing.
5. The "shared to other computers" mode in network-manager works well now.
6. In recent Firefox, there's no "load this bookmark in the sidebar" option when you add a new bookmark. However you can still find it, by checking the properties of an existing bookmark in the bookmark manager.