ubuntu 10.10 折腾控制台 | struggling with console in ubuntu 10.10

新买了电脑,装ubuntu 10.10, 安装的时候控制台很完美,漂亮的1366x768,启动时还有漂亮的splash
grub配了几次无果,于是继续回到安装时的live cd,进去以后研究了一下,并没有用vesafb,另外就是发现用的是开源驱动radeon。
用hwinfo --framebuffer看,我的显卡vbe并不支持1366x768,但是live cd确实搞出来了,我猜是radeon和kms的原因,具体不懂了。


I've installed ubuntu 10.10 in my newly bought notebook, the console was perfect during installation, that was the wonderful 1366x768, as well as the beautiful splash.
I think everything was still ok just after installation, until now, I see just a blank screen, or some ugly 1024x768.
What I've done, that maybe relative, are just some tweak on grub2, and installing fglrx.
After failure in adjustment of grub2 for several times, I reboot with the live cd, and I found that vesafb is not used, and radeon is activated as the video driver.
`hwinfo --framebuffer` indicates that the vbe of my graphic card does not support 1366x768, however I did see that with live cd. I guess all of this should thanks to radeon and kms, while I've no idea about details.
So I just removed fglrx and rebooted.
Then come back my lovely splash and 1366x768 console.

By the way, the gnome tetris works quite well with radeon, but not fglrx.
Wish a better radeon driver soon. fglrx is just too bad.


gnome panel 妙用一则 | A nice trick of gnome panel

链接: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/12/use-gnome-panel-as-wingpanel-quick-tip.html

操作步骤是在panel属性里取消expand,然后选中autohide,然后拖到右上角,通过gconf修改/apps/panel/toplevels/<panel name>/hide_delay为2147483647

Link: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/12/use-gnome-panel-as-wingpanel-quick-tip.html

Result as the picture above, quite useful when not too much things on the panel.
To make it like this, in the "properties“ dialog of the panel, cancel "expand" and select "autohide". Then drag the panel to the top-right of the screen. At last change the gconf value "/apps/panel/toplevels/<panel name>/hide_delay" to 2147483647


无flash收听sky.fm | Listen to sky.fm without a flash player

sky.fm是我的最爱,原来ios有个sky.fm app,但是现在连不上了。

sky.fm现在也提供非flash的播放link,但是要进入那个flash页面,然而在ipad的safari上就会蹦到安装flash player的页面,很恶心。



Sky.fm is my favorite online radio, there's been a sky.fm app on ios, but has been not working these days.

Non-flash links are also provided by sky.fm, however you'll need to visit the flash player page first, then get the links. While doing this with safari on ipad, you'll be redirect to a page which asks you to install flash player.

Of course, I can get the links from another computer, but there is not such another computer.

So I googled for a while, until I found sky.fm/mobile. Quite useful, since safari would call quicktime to play the list, so I can even listen to it putting it into background.


利用Firefox订阅私人RSS feed | Subscribing private RSS feeds using Firefox

最近想订阅一个RSS feed,然而由于权限设置,需要登录才能拿到内容,未登录的情况下feed url会报错。

这种情况下Google Reader就不好使了,即便可以,总不能把我的用户名密码给它吧。



Now I'd like to subscribe a private RSS feed, where login is necessary, you won't see anything from the feed url without login.

In such a situation Google Reader won't work, even if possible, I don't want to reveal my username/password to it.

After wasting several minutes in Googling, I came up with an idea, that to subscribe the feed using Firefox, as it's holding my Cookies.

Then of course I succeeded.

Firefox 强制显示书签工具栏内容 | Force displaying bookmark item in Firefox toolbars

最近用Firefox订了一个feed,想把它显示出来,然而又不想为此浪费一行显示书签工具栏,于是把bookmark toolbar item拖到了地址栏尾部。



#bookmarksBarContent .bookmark-item {
visibility: visible !important;


Recently I've subscribed a live feed using Firefox, I want it being displayed in my browser all the time, but I don't like the bookmark toolbar which wastes the entire line space. Therefore I drag the bookmark toolbar item to the end of the location bar.

However, that item will automatically collapse, resulting in that there's just a blank area, with an expand button, I have to view the item after expand the item, so stupid.

The solution is, by stylish:

#bookmarksBarContent .bookmark-item {
visibility: visible !important;

works like a charm.