Google Reader 总显示 "kept unread" 列表的问题 | Solution to the annoying "kept unread" list in Google Reader

不知道从什么时候开始我的Google Reader首页上总会显示一个kept unread列表,但是进去以后却是显示已读,此时点mark all as read或者挨个浏览这些item都没有任何效果。

今天在http://groups.google.com/group/google-reader-howdoi/browse_thread/thread/a68ae3f9a7761e26/11eb862ab44a67c3 找到了解法:

给每个kept unread的条目加星
去加星条目列表,挨个浏览每个条目(不要点mark all as read)

然后就正常了。 这个应该是Google Reader的bug吧。。。

There's been a "kept unread" list in my Google Reader home page for some time, and I didn't know why. In the list, each item seems be already ready, and clicking "mark all as read" or navigating each of them have no effect.

Today I found the solution on http://groups.google.com/group/google-reader-howdoi/browse_thread/thread/a68ae3f9a7761e26/11eb862ab44a67c3

Add start for each of them
In "starred items", navigate each of them (don't click "mark all as read")
Remove these temporary stars

Then that list would be gone. This must be a bug of Google Reader...

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