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最近需要搞个桌面上的todo list, 以前是用screenlets,现在不用了,而且为一个插件就开这个庞然大物太浪费了。

我在用gnote,但是这个不适合放在桌面上。gnome-panel的一个小插件也是sticky note,但是不能锁定在桌面上,一点就消失了。


最后看到某人论坛留言: 在桌面建一个文本文件,然后把图标放大。。。顿时豁然开朗,一开始遇到这个特性时还觉得有些烦人,但是现在需要时反而想不起来了。。。


Recently I found that I need a sticky note on my desktop. I used screenlets before, but not anymore now. It's a waste to enable it only for such a gadget.

Now I'm using gnote, which is rather a nice software, but it's not suitable for 'sticky' notes. There's also a stickynote applet for gnome-panel, but I don't know how to attach the notes to desktop -- every time I click somewhere, the notes disappear.

I googled some software called 'xpad', but on my computer it's nothing but a gray empty window -- an annoying bug, although I've googled a patch for this, I've got no feeling for it.

Finally I got someone's comment on some bbs -- "create a paint text file on the desktop, and then stretch the icon large enough..." -- that's it! It was quite an annoying feature to me at the first time, but now I cannot even remember it when I do need it now...

This trick works well, except for that there cannot be too many words.

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