Blogging: The 6th Year

It's been 6 years since the start of this blog, I still remember that soul-stirring accident which made me decide to start blogging.

Looking back, I see the quantity and length of the articles have been decreasing exponentially, but the quality have not (hopefully). I don't think it's bad, at least what I can see from it are:
  • My skills have been developed, usually it's not worthy to write a dedicated article showing  how I solved a problem
  • Technologies have evolved, there are much less problems left for me to encounter.
 Indeed things have changed:
  • Blogger has got a much cleaner new looking, and there's finally a "jump break" button such that my scripts can retire now.
  • Ubuntu has become much more stable and reliable, no more time-killing tweaking to make it work on my machine
  • Many things I liked are deprecated or about to: flock, python 2, Google Desktop, Google Notebook, variant Linux QQ
  • Quite a number of new things emerged, developed and have become very popular, which, however, I don't think I could enjoy in any chances: smart phones, microblog, wechat and Windows 8
I'm still that guy 6 year before who liked to learn and taste new technical stuffs, I'd rather read some C++ documentation for a whole day instead of struggling among "Another sad day"-like messages in SNS.

Just switched to a simpler and cleaner theme, should be the time for a change.

And to you the kind reader, if you know that I know you, and you happen to be writing a blog about tech stuffs, please send me the link (again), since I might have accidentally deleted them in Google Reader.

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