Green Apparatus 转换为 Linux 鼠标指针主题的修正 | Fix converting Green Apparatus to Linux mouse cursor theme

Green Apparatus 是一个经典的 CursorXP 鼠标主题,有这很有创意的动画和很棒的美工。虽然 CursorXP 是给 Windows 的,但是网上有个 sd2xc 脚本可以把 CursorXP 主题转换成 X11 主题,很不错。

但是 Green Apparatus 转换后,等待的指针动画有问题,很多人也在抱怨。

很久以前我就在用这个主题了,当时从 http://d.hatena.ne.jp/tksmashiw/20080421 找到了解法。最近又想折腾,想起了这个主题和这个网站,看到这个网站很久没更新了,就转过来吧。



Green Apparatus is a great CursorXP theme, the artwork is awesome and the animation is creative. Although CursofXP is for Windows only, there has been a script called sd2xc which can convert them into X11 themes.

However there's a problem, that the animatino of the wait cursor does not work well, many people had been complaining about this.

I used this theme long before, I found the fix at http://d.hatena.ne.jp/tksmashiw/20080421. Recently I want to tweak my machine again, and I remembered this theme and that website. I found that web site had not been updated for a long time, so I note the steps here.

So what we need to do
unpack GreenApparatus.CurXPTheme, which is actually a zip archive
edit scheme.ini, in the [Wait] section, change the 2nd line to Frames=107, then in the [Wait_Script] section, change the 2nd line to 27-107,40
repack, and convert with sd2sc

Thanks to the original author again.

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