guake 类quake的下拉终端 | guake: a quake-alike drop-down terminal

平时需要个顺手的终端,希望呼之即来,挥之即去的。gnome-terminal 本身不错,但是呼叫用鼠标太慢了,最近考虑绑定个super+t之类的,但是每次开启也比较慢,另外不好隐藏,而且如果运行一个程序就想隐藏了,一会儿再回来找它看结果也不方便。



[Update] 刚看了一下guake源码,原来还有很多隐藏的gconf可以调整。现在把resizer也去了,完美了~

I really need a handy terminal in my daily life, I want it to appear as soon as I call it, and I want it to disappear when I do not need it any more. gnome-terminal itself is good, I've been using it, but maybe it is not quite suitable for this task, as it's too slow to call it, and I've considered to bind a shortcut super+t to call it, but it will not be convenient when I run something on it, hide it and want to see the result later.

The I recalled guade, I had tried it before, but without a deeper look. This time I went through the settings and make it a really handy terminal. Basically I adjusted the transparent background, hide the tar bar and scroll bar, make to auto-disappear when losing focus, and at last I bind the shortcut calling/hiding it to be super+`.

Then my life changed! It really likes those terminals in those fps game in quake style, and it dos make feeling communicating with the core of the system.

[Update] I found several hidden gconf settings after a quick browse of its source code. Now I've hidden the resizer, making guake perfect!

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